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What is magnablue copper and how it is used

What is magnablue

Magnablue is a copper sulphate pentahydrate acid product with systemic properties.

Based on the latest chemical technology, it provides the best possible result with the least amount of metallic copper.

It is a powerful systemic copper that can penetrate inside the leaves through stomata, thus activating a lot of enzyme procedures, enhancing photosynthesis, lignine production and quicker absorption of nutrients, resulting finally in drastic empowerment of the plant’s defence mechanism.

In addition to copper. Magnablue contains Sulphur as well, so we can see the plants benefit also from this important element.

How Magnabon’s novel technology creates the best copper in the market

The unique synthesis that makes Magnablue totally effective

Magnablue copper is produced with a proprietary advanced chemical method and not simple electrolysis and is copper-in-solution.

Its ionic structure and special additives ensure that the product combines stability with the maximum availability of active ions.

It is widely known that an increased  concentration of copper ions inside the plants tissues is a natural defence against pathogens like fungi and bacteria.


of a nanometer ion size

times smaller than a typical copper molecule

bioactive ions per litre

Crops that benefit from using magnablue

A reliable solution for every crops

Magnablue can be applied in all crops, either with foliar or root applications.

Magnablue must be applied in all of the foliage in order to achieve the best result.

When combined with other agrochemical products, it is advised to be the last ingredient to be added to the tank.


Autumn applications increase storage life of fruits.

It is obvious that the timing and dosage of the applications are decided in accordance to specification found in the label and under the guidance of the responsible scientific personnel (agronomist, environmentalist etc)


All you need to know about magnablue

Can I combine it with other products?
Magnablue works well with most fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers. We recommend combinations such as magnablue with Codavit for grapevines facing hesca problems or with vacciplant for crops with botrytis problems. Nevertheless, combinations should always be advised and reviewed by each producer and agronomist. Sometimes there are combinations which are advised against e.g. with aliette due to acidity.

What is the right way to apply it?
Magnablue is added directly in the mix tank with no need to stir, predissolve, add acid or buffering agents to control pH or EC. Due to its structural formation it is allocated in a homogenous way inside the solution and its ions remain bioactive in a very wide range of pH.

Can it freeze?
Magnablue normally doesn’t freeze  even at very low temperatures. If it is left exposed in very low temperature for a long time and freeze, it returns to its normal condition without any structural changes. Also, when it is applied in a plant and penetrates inside the tissues, when frost occurs, not only does it not freeze, but it also helps the plant sustain the frost without breaking up the tissues, due to its allocation inside the cells.

Where is it produced?
Magnablue is produced and packed in the USA by Magnabon LLC.

Does it leave residues or colour?
It does not leave anything that would prevent respiration or transpiration of plants, nor does it colour the leaves with a blue colour like other copper products. Also, it does not leave any residues in the soil or the environment.

Is it allowed to be used in organic agriculture?
Yes. As you can see below, Magnablue is registered for use in organic agriculture and agriculture following good agricultural practices by the most important international organisations and certification bodies.

How can I get magnablue?
Below you will find all the ways to contact us in order to get magnablue, either directly, or through authoritated representatives, depending on the case (place, quantity, type of business etc)

Authoritative organisations that certify the safety and reliability of Magnablue in Europe and the United States

We are proud that Magnablue meets American Environmental Protection Agency’s strict specifications for consumer and environmental safety. The Organic Materials Review Institute also advises for Magnablue’s safe use in organic agriculture.

In Europe, it is registered as an EC fertilizer and its use in organic agriculture is permitted by the respective authorities.

Click the button to download the OMRI listing and feel free to contact us or your local distributor if you need more information concerning Magnablue registration and appropriate crop instructions, as well as safety and technical data sheets.


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